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Welcome to Psychologically Strong
Become a  psychologically stronger, happier, and better person.
My name is Steve Daily and I have created this blog to provide activities and strategies for developing psychological strength.  Most of my professional life I have worked with clients to assist them in meeting psychological goals to enhance their life, and often to decrease anxiety and depression while increasing peace of mind and happiness. 
As I approach retirement age, I would like to make others aware of important skills and strategies that can lead one to a happier and more meaningful life.   It is hoped that this blog can challenge readers to embrace activities and ideas to help them become psychologically stronger. 
Psychological strength is a term I use to describe a number of qualities that contribute to a person being psychologically healthy and capable. 
Psychological strength involves the ability to focus, to think and act wisely, to be aware of one's emotions and not be completely overpowered by them, to bounce back from disappointments and setbacks, and to use stress in a positive way to achieve worthy goals.  It also involves the interpersonal skills of active listening, of   talking in an honest and direct manner, and of showing healthy vulnerability.
Being psychologically strong requires one to be able to see things from different perspectives, to find a sense of balance in life, and to let go of rigidity and excessive negativity.   In essence it is having a strong psyche that allows one to travel life's journey with courage and resilience, instead of fearing life or fighting it at every turn.
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I typically do four blog posts a week.  Three of them focus on psychological health and strength, and the fourth is strictly for humor and is is titled, POLLY CRACKER.  
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Check out some of the posts below, if you're interested in becoming psychologically strong.