Steve Daily


I am Steve Daily and I've worked as a psychologist for 40 years.  I am currently working as a therapist in private practice.  I enjoy helping clients make positive changes that lessen their emotional pain and increase their feelings of happiness and fulfillment.  I believe teaching clients strategies and skills is an essential part of therapy.  I hope to share some of the activities and skills I teach my clients with with you on my blog.
Reading 10 Mindful Minutes by Goldie Hawn prompted me to write a parenting book.  I admire the MindUP Program that Goldie Hawn was instrumental in developing.  It teaches children how to take "brain breaks" three times a day to help control their emotions and to lower stress.  The program also teaches children to experience mindfulness through sensory experiences.  In my blog I hope to encourage readers to take action to make this world a better place to live.  I will have various suggestions to encourage positive action under the heading of DARE TO CARE in my blog.
Since teaching my first parenting class during my psychology internship, I have had an interest in teaching parenting skills.  I've taught many classes on parenting since that time.  I believe children are our future, and that parents can have a profound impact on their kids.  In January of 2015 I self-published my first book on Amazon, How to Parent Mindfully with Emotional Control, Love and Strength.  I hope to share various ideas on mindful parenting with interested readers.
My wife and I have a daughter, son, and five grandchildren.  Since learning to fish and hunt as a child,  I have loved nature and the outdoors.   I continue to treasure fishing, and have passed this outdoor hobby on to my kids and  grandkids.  Recently my son and I took my three year old granddaughter to a large pond where she helped reel in five bluegill.  We had a wonderful time.  I no longer hunt, but I love to shoot various animals with my Cannon digital camera.  Taking nature pictures is a favorite hobby, and I plan to share a number of my outdoor pictures with my readers.
Travel is something my wife and I enjoy.  Colorado is our favorite vacation spot, and several years back we were able to vacation together with my son, daughter and their families.  During that trip my son, two oldest grandsons and I had a wonderful time fishing for trout.  Everyone in the family enjoyed hiking in the mountains.  Well in truth, everyone except my wife enjoyed hiking.  She was eventually persuaded by my daughter and son to walk the path around Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.  She elected to pass on the longer hikes.
Building psychological strength is of both personal and professional relevance to me.  Individuals who have low levels of psychological strength experience low moods, high levels of anxiety, and are easily overwhelmed by situations.  They lack the mental strength needed to have peace of mind, and to find purpose and meaning in their lives.
I believe in staying active.  I typically play racquetball three times a week, go for walks outside when the weather is nice, and use a treadmill in the winter months.  I learned that exercise, good sleep patterns, and healthy eating are good for my physical and psychological health.  I do have a sweet tooth and it gets me in trouble  at times.  In my blog I will provide suggested activities for developing resilience, overcoming depression, improving communication, procrastinating less, and other qualities that contribute to being psychologically strong.
Thank you for checking my website out.  I hope the nature pictures and my writing will interest you enough to return from time to time.